Hi! My name is Hillary Foster and I am so happy you have found your way here! 

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, for nearly two decades I have helped individuals, couples, and families dealing with struggling relationships, anxiety, and depression. But what I am most passionate about is empowering people to live a life of Freedom! 

Not only am I mom to two awesome boys (one whom has both Autism and Cerebral Palsy), I also care for my aging mother – full time. So, I get it: Life can be stressful!

Don’t get me wrong, I count my blessing everyday, but, if you asked me to describe my life as I stared 50 in the face, the word “Freedom” was not on the tip of my tongue. While I have dappled in areas of spiritual growth the past few years, it has been more of a dipping my toes in, you know, testing the water. Last year I decided to take the plunge! I explored new modalities relating to my spiritual, emotional, physical and/or mental health. Things like: Intuitive work, Reiki, Psychics, meditation and other holistic healing modalities. I also explored topics like: abundance, happiness, gratitude, and forgiveness.

What I learned was beyond amazing and I want to share it with you! 

Whether you are living a life that feels unfulfilling or stuck in old patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you (or both). You can transform your current reality into the life you dream of! 

Are done being everything to everyone else with nothing left for yourself? Are you ready to live a life of Freedom? If you said "Heck Yes"! I would be honored to be your guide. 



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